Äntligen Pensionär

Det här är en liten film om hur kul det kan vara att inte jobba, att inte behöva jobba. Filmen är tagen i de österrikiska alperna. Om du frågar var jag sitter, i korgen under skärmen eller med en öl och lyssnar på dragspel så tänker jag inte svara på det. Om du funderar på att bli pensionär – se den här filmen!

George Brown´s Erotic Dream

When George Brown saw Sara for the first time he lost his freedom. He thought that Sara looked like a flower, a red flower that he once had seen in his grandmothers garden. Then he started to dream about a bumble bee.

The Enchanted Garden

It really is a place for recovery. If you like flowers and  all nice ”fellows” that you can find in a garden, well, this is a film for you. This is the place where the sun shines even when it´s raining. See for your self!

The Horror Machines

They take over the cities, one by one. They come by night when you are asleep – The Horror Machines. Now they attack Stockholm, break the city down piece by piece. I filmed them with a hidden camera. Do you dare to see this film?

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